London's oldest surviving pub theatre, now in our 45th year.

  BOX OFFICE: 0207 478 0160 | 115 Upper St, N1 1QN

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Please note the following technical specification is a list of what we have in general, and not a list of what we have currently available. For more information please contact:


Desk zero 88 jester 48

A selection of colour filters

10 Source 4 juniors

11 Source 4 par

1 minuette fresnels

2 Strand pattern 123

4 of Strand pattern 23

3 of 650 fresnels

1 of Harmony F (1k)

1 of Prel PC

10 of LED parcans

4 of 150w Flood

1 of 500w Flood


1 of Mackie 1402-VLZ3 14 channel mic/line mixer

1 of Presonus Firestudio Project Interface

1 of Mac Mini with Q-lab, Garage Band

1 of Yamaha CDX-530E CD player

1 of Sony CDP-XE270

3 of JBL EON10 G2 Active speakers

A selection of XLR to XLR

A selection of 1/4 Jack to 1/4 Jack

A selection of other assorted sound cables


We can run AV from the Mac Mini though Q-lab and Power Point and output to a television or a monitor.

1 of B-tech BT921 Pro SCART switch box inputs 1 SCART/ 1 PHONO outputs 3SCART/


Stonewood Audio 2 Headset system

Click here to view a groundplan of the theatre

FAQ’S – Kings Head

How big is the stage?

Dimensions of the space 3m x 5.5m (3m x 8m if you include the area in which the
baby grand piano is in) For more detailed dimensions please see the ground plan at
the bottom of the tech spec page on the website.

How many entrances and exits are there?

The stage has 4 possible entrances and exits, 2 on stage that lead to the dressing room
and 2 in the auditorium that lead to the bar. There is no cross over between bar and
dressing room.

Are there any restrictions with fire regulations?

The stage right exit is a fire exit, no set or props should block the way. If you want to
have smoking in your production please get permission from Islington council.

Can I drill into the floor?

You can drill into the floors, walls, and ceiling (except for the exposed brick work
down the entrance of stage left)

How is the lighting rig set up?

We have 36 ways of dimming, 6 soco-plex go from the dimmers and spread over the
grid. We have no additional scaff to extend the rig

What Kit is in the theatre?

We have a zero 88 jester 48 desk and lots of TRS. For a list of lights please see the kit
list above

What sound desk do you have?

We have a Mackie 1402-VLZ3 14 channel mic/line mixer

Where are the speakers positioned?

There are 2 speakers attached to the wall of the theatre that cannot be moved, this
should be sufficient but we do have a spare speaker if you need.

How can I play my sound cues?

There is a cd player but not all burned cds work in it another option is to plug a
laptop, ipad or ipod straight into the desk, we also have a mini mac with qlab on it.