Watch #KHTOnline | 29 May

29 May 2020

Examining Pedagogical Approaches to Writing with Dr Farokh Soltani

Farokh is a Writer and Audiodramaturg, and Lecturer in Writing for Broadcast Media and Performance at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, through which he has worked with over 100 writers. In this session, he discusses the practical and philosophical problems of teaching writing to writers.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 27 May

27 May 2020

Directing a New Writing Festival with Deborah Edgington 

In this #KHTOnline session, Deborah Edgington shares her experience of becoming a director later in life and how her passion for new writing led to the creation of the 10x10 New Writing Festival in 2008, in partnership with the Nuffield Theatre.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 26 May

26 May 2020

Spotlight On: The Space with Adam Hemming

Adam Hemming, Artistic Director of the Space, discusses new online programme Locked Down, Looking Up, life at the venue before lockdown and how to keep things fresh after 15 years in the same role.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 22 May

22 May 2020

Programming New Musical Theatre with Kiki Stevenson

Artistic Programme Coordinator at The Other Palace, Kiki Stevenson shares her passion for new Musical Theatre and why the industry needs it, opportunities to get involved with The Other Palace and some tips for maintaining relationships, productivity and creativity during lockdown.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 21 May

21 May 2020

Promotional Photography for Theatre with Michael Wharley

What goes into creating a standout poster image or press shots? How can you get the best out of your actors? Go behind the scenes with award-winning photographer Michael Wharley to look at how to tell the story of your show in a successful shoot, whether it's for the West End, a tour or an Edinburgh Fringe run.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 20 May

20 May 2020

Finding and Pitching a Play with Ben Anderson

One of our wonderful Junior Associates, Ben Anderson directed Jerker at the King's Head Theatre last year - the first revival of the play in the UK since 1990. He shares his experience of finding a play, and pitching an idea for production to a theatre and creatives. Photo by Nick Rutter featuring from left to right: Tom Joyner and Tibu Fortes.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 19 May

19 May 2020

Stepping up the Drag Game with Chris Clegg

Chris Clegg talks us through his experiences working as a Theatre Manager and Producer in the West End and heading up TuckShop: an entertainment company that specialises in theatre production, club promotion, merchandising and artist representation all centred around Drag.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 15 May

15 May 2020

Spotlight On: La Traviata with Becca Marriott

An in-depth look at the plot of Verdi's tragic drama of forbidden love, as well as some insights into how Becca Marriott and Helena Jackson approached recreating this masterpiece for the 2018 production at the King's Head TheatrePhoto by Bill Knight featuring Becca Marriott.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 14 May

14 May 2020

Sound Design and Composition for Theatre with Nicola Chang

Nicola Chang is a sound designer/composer for theatre, film and commercial media. In this #KHTOnline session, she covers the process of creating a sound design for theatre: how to outfit a theatre space to maximise its potential, how to use ambiences and atmospheres to set mood and tone and much more!

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Watch #KHTOnline | 13 May

13 May 2020

Choreographing Theatre with Chris Whittaker

Named 'Best Choreographer' at the 2018 Off West End Awards, Chris Whittaker shares some career highlights, breaks down his process by showing us some examples of his amazing work and tells us what inspires him in this #KHTOnline session.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 12 May

12 May 2020

Desining Set and Costume for Theatre with Louie Whitemore

Louie Whitemore has been a Set and Costume Designer for the last 14 years and her work spans Theatre, Ballet and Opera. Find out more about her path into the field and her design process in this instalment of #KHTOnline.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 11 May

11 May 2020

Spotlight On: Bitter Pill with Max Elton

Max Elton and Hew Rous-Eyre discuss Bitter Pill's repertoire, including Big Brother Blitzkrieg and Stripped which both played at the King's Head Theatre, and what they've been working on during the lockdown. 

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Watch #KHTOnline | 07 May

7 May 2020

Making Work Outside of London with Jen Davis

In this instalment of #KHTOnline, Jen Davis shares her experiences working as a director, Co-Artisitc Director of Shoot Festival and as an Associate of Theatre Absoloute and the King's Head Theatre in London, Coventry and the Midlands.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 06 May

6 May 2020

Programming Festivals with Nic Connaughton

From running a London venue to programming at the biggest arts festival in the world, Nic Connaughton shares how the Pleasance go about bringing together the almost 300 productions that make up the Edinburgh and London programmes every year!

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Watch #KHTOnline | 05 May

5 May 2020

Working as an Associate Director with James Callàs Ball

James Callàs Ball, freelance director and Associate Director on Amélie the Musical (Watermill Theatre, UK Tour, Other Palace), The Importance of Being Earnest (Vaudeville Theatre) and Loot (Park Theatregives a in-depth session on the role of an Associate Director and their process: from the rehearsal room to the stage. 

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Watch #KHTOnline | 04 May

4 May 2020

Working with a Production Manager with Elaine Faulkner

Production Manager at Exeter Northcott Theatre and Co-director of Exeter Fringe FestivalElaine Faulkner discusses what a Production Manager does, how the role differs in-house and freelance and her career and experiences in the position.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 01 May

Directing in Germany and the UK with Helena Jackson

International Director Helena Jackson talks about working in both Germany and the UK, the pros and cons to both and her role as the regieassistent of Theater Krefeld Moenchengladbach.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 30 April

Theatre Photography with Ali Wright

Ali Wright talks about starting out as a Theatre Photographer, how to tell theatrical stories through photographs and advice when working with photographers.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 29 April

Theatre PR with Amanda Moulson

Want to learn more about how to do PR for your show? Amanda takes your questions on PR in theatre and how you can think outside the box.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 28 April

Designing for Theatre with Amanda Mascarenhas

Amanda answers your questions on what it's like to be a designer including working with the King's Head on numerous productions like Coming Clean in the west end, being an associate of the venue and her community design work.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 27 April

Spotlight On: Gigglemug Theatre with Sam Cochrane

Sam Cochrane Artistic Director of Gigglemug Theatre talks to us about Gigglemug's work, their hit comedy musical about Timpsons and how they took that to Edinburgh. Plus exciting information about their upcoming work.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 24 April

Spotlight On: Sweet Like Chocolate Boy with Tristan Fynn Aiduenu

Tristan talks about his insrpiration for the piece, how he came to direct his own work and what his plans are for the future.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 22 April

Writing and Directing Theatre with Rikki Beadle-Blair

Rikki answers your questions about his career so far and his hopes for the future of the industry post lockdown.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 21 April

Being a Creative in Wales and London with Peter Darney

Peter talks about his career so far, including juggling working in Wales and London, and across writing, directing and more.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 17 April

Spotlight on The Pillowman with Jon Brittain

Playwright Jon Brittain takes us through The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh. Learn about the themes and characters in the play and discuss why we might look at it a little differently 17 years on from it's premiere.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 16 April

Theatre Posters with Rebecca Pitt

Theatre artworker Rebecca Pitt talks about her process, how to work with designers and what makes a great poster design for a show.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 15 April

Theatre Director Q&A with Andrew Keates

Director and producer Andrew Keates shares his thoughts on finding projects, keeping good relationships with your creative teams, producers and venues and how he broke into the industry following his training at drama school.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 14 April

Edinburgh Fringe Marketing with Rhiannon Morris

Edinburgh Fringe Marketing. Rhiannon Morris is Marketing Manager for Something For The Weekend who take up a portfolio of shows to Edinburgh every year including Oliver Award winning Showstopper! The Improvised Musical. She gives the low-down on where to spend your marketing budget for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 09 April


Arts Photographer Nick Rutter takes us through his process of working with theatres and marketing teams to best represent the show as well as some technical know-how and featured friends and collaborators.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 08 April


Producer and Writer Darren Murphy takes us through what it's like to transfer a production from the fringe to the West End and talks about the challenges presenting producers in the current crisis.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 07 April


King's Head board member Tahmid Chowdhury takes us through access and diversity in theatre - what's happening at the moment to improve the situation and what we can do better.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 06 April


Global Origins is a network and platform for international and multicultural artists. Founded by Aneesha Srinivasan and Emma Jude Harris, Global Origins provides a safe space and paid opportunities for multidisciplinary artists who place their identity not just within the UK.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 03 April


Director and Stage Manager Ben Anderson talks about Lungs by Duncan Macmillan (most recently revived at the Old Vic starring Matt Smith and Claire Foy)

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A Statement from the King's Head Theatre April 2020

We know the world seems pretty scary right now and we want to let you know that at home, we are in this together.

As the situation has developed in the last week we have taken the incredibly sad decision to keep the theatre shut through April, May and June.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 01 April


Actor and Writer Lee Knight talks about his experience in the industry, upcoming work, audition advice and how to stay creative during lockdown.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 31 March


Lawyer and King's Head Trustee Molly Waiting hosts this Q&A covering fundraising, the legalities surrounding being a charity and copyright/intellectual property law.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 30 March

30 March 2020


In this week's #KHTOnline Company Takeover, Jessica Lazar talks about past work by Atticist at The King's Head, making work for Edinburgh and off Broadway, and her favourite rehearsal game to unlock relationships on stage.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 27 March

27 March 2020


In this week's #KHTOnline Book Club, the overarching themes, characters and social aftershock of Caryl Churchill's mighty Top Girls are discussed, as well as its association as a feminist text. 

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Watch #KHTOnline | 26 March

26 March 2020


Artistic Director of the Rose Theatre Kingston, Christopher Haydon hosts this #KHTOnline Skills Session, divulging experiences such as his time working at the Bush Theatre as an Associate Director and at the Gate Theatre as their Artistic Director.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 25 March

25 March 2020


Executive Director of the King's Head Theatre, Fiona English, hosts this week's #KHTOnline Ask Us Anything and details her journey to becoming an Executive Director and what the role involves. 

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Watch #KHTOnline | 24 March

24 March 2020


The KHT marketing team spill their secrets and discuss selling tickets, audience development, creating content and everything inbetween in this instalment of #KHTOnline.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 23 March

23 March 2020


Aristic Director of Charles Court Opera, John Savournin, hosts the first #KHTOnline Companies Takeover in which he details the formation of Charles Court Opera and recounts some of his favourite memories and roles, and answers your questions. 

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Watch #KHTOnline | 20 March

20 March 2020


The King's Head Theatre's Executive Director, Fiona English, leads the first #KHTOnline Book Club on Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen and discusses key scenes, characters and themes. 

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Watch #KHTOnline | 19 March

19 March 2020


In the first of the #KHTOnline Skills Sessions with leading industry professionals, James Seabright shares his insights and observations from working as a Theatre Producer and being the King's Head Theatre's Chair of Trustees.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 18 March

18 March 2020


Michelle Barnette, Producer at the King's Head Theatre, weighs up her experiences freelance and in-house producing, takes questions and gives advice to emerging artists and small companies in the second episode of #KHTOnline.

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Watch #KHTOnline | 17 March

17 March 2020


In the first episode of #KHTOnline, the Artistic Director of the King's Head Theatre discusses his career, opera and our exciting plans for the future.

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A Statement from the King's Head Theatre March 2020

16 March 2020

At times like this the world can seem frightening and we know the power of spaces like theatre to be unifying powers in the darkness.

We also make theatre with passion and a commitment to keep our community: our artists, audiences, staff and collaborators safe and well and with huge sadness we have therefore decided to close the theatre from today until 11th April due to the current health situation.

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King's Head Theatre Receives Transformational Funding Boost Ahead Of Move

Pioneering Islington theatre awarded £800,000 by the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund

The King’s Head Theatre has come one major step closer to entering a new phase in its remarkable life, thanks to an £800,000 grant from the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund. The Islington theatre – renowned as a breeding ground for artistic innovation and adventure, and one of London’s best-loved LGBTQ+ venues – was one of 42 organisations to receive support from the fund, which aims to promote inclusive, community-based initiatives and has awarded a total of £23.7 million to projects across the capital.

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Love, Shame and the Chemsex Epidemic

In the summer of 2016, I sat amongst a crowd of gay men, most of them friends, in a theatre in Islington. House music pumped through the sound system. Onstage, five guys, semi-naked, partied before us. The audience exhaled nervous giggles and gossipy whispers as the lights shifted. The piece was 5 Guys Chillin’ by Peter Darney, and as each character spoke verbatim, recounting their relationship to drugs, sex and the powerful combination of the two. The tension was palpable.

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Peter Bull Announced as thirteenth Artistic Associate

Peter Bull is today announced as the 13th Artistic Associate of the King's Head Theatre, and will be staging several shows at the theatre in 2020, the first of which will be the Off-Broadway musical hit, Naked Boys Singing! in March 2020, with further projects to be announced in the coming weeks and months. 

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Big Birthday Bash Press Release

On Sunday 9 February 2020, the King’s Head Theatre is hosting the Big Birthday Bash for 450 guests at Porchester Hall. This exclusive, one-off event marks the historic North London venue’s 50th anniversary with an evening of fine dining, live performances from King’s Head alumni and special celebrity guests...

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Black Friday Sale

29 November 2019

This Black Friday weekend, we're offering huge discounts on Band C tickets for a fantastic array of Spring 2020 shows. This is the perfect time to treat yourself or buy a Christmas gift for that special someone.

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Full Cast announced for Opera Undone: Tosca & La bohème

26 November 2019


The Olivier Award-nominated producers of the 2017 smash-hit La bohème, announce the full cast for the Puccini double-bill, Opera Undone: Tosca & La bohème. The production will run at Trafalgar Studios 2 from 5 February to 7 March 2020. Adam Spreadbury-Maher, Artistic Director of the King’s Head Theatre, will also direct the production, with musical direction from David Eaton. Opera Undone: Tosca & La bohème will have national press nights on Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 February 2020 for the two casts. 

Fiona Finsbury and Honey Rouhani will share the roles of Musetta (Melissa) and Tosca, with Robert Barbaro, Philip Lee and Roger Paterson sharing the roles of Cavaradossi, Rodolfo (Rod) and Mimi (Luca) and Michael Georgiou and Hugo Herman Wilson sharing the roles of Scarpia and Marcello (Marcus). 

Fiona Finsbury’s recent work has involved creating roles in contemporary operas including The Path to Heaven and The Orphans of Koombu (Buxton Opera House). Her other credits include The Phantom of the Opera (Her Majesty’s Theatre), La bohème (Hampstead Garden Opera) and L'italiana in Algeri (Mananan Opera Festival). 

Honey Rouhani has previously starred in Hhumann X (St Lukes / London Fashion Week), Così fan tutte (Dulwich Opera UK tour), The Phantom of the Opera (London Musical Theatre Opera), Love and Peace Quotes (Barbican Centre), La Traviata (Orion Orchestra) and the Olivier Award nominated La bohème (King’s Head Theatre / Trafalgar Studios).

Robert Barbaro recently completed the Young Artist Programme at the National Opera Studio in London, where he performed in Peter Grimes (Scottish Opera), Così fan tutte (English National Opera Orchestra) and Lucia di Lammermoor (Welsh National Opera). His other credits include A Fantastic Bohemian (Grimeborn Festival) and Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Fulham Opera).

Philip Lee has most recently starred in The Yeomen of the Guard (The National Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company), La Traviata (Soho Theatre / Tour) The Mikado and Ruddigore (Charles Court Opera), Carousel (Barbican), Do I Hear a Waltz (Park Theatre) and La bohème (Soho and Charing Cross Theatres). 

Roger Paterson’s opera credits include Carmen, Tosca (King’s Head Theatre), La Traviata (Longborough Festival Opera), the Olivier Award nominated La bohème (King’s Head Theatre / Trafalgar Studios), Mozart and Salieri (Time Zone Theatre) and Cavalleria Rusticana (Kentish Opera). 

Michael Georgiou’s recent credits include The Magic Flute (Athens Conservatoire), Aiolos – L’Egisto (Athens Conservatoire), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Murchison Performing Arts Centre), Our Town (Murchison Performing Arts Centre), Pimpinone (Aigina International Festival of Music), Tosca and La Traviata (King’s Head Theatre) and Die Fledermaus (Wilton’s Music Hall).

Hugo Herman Wilson this year became an Alvarez Young Artist with Garsington Opera and has recently appeared in Scoring a Century and Don Giovanni (British Youth Opera), The Battered Bride (Garsington Opera), The Lighthouse and Acis and Galatea (Royal College of Music) and The Messiah (Nevill Holt Opera).

Opera Undone is a new strand of the King's Head Theatre's celebrated opera programming, whereby famous operas are radically reimagined in a punchy 60-minute format and sung entirely in English. This revolutionary new form tears up the opera rulebook for a whole new generation. Newcomers to opera, along with diehard fans, will be able to experience in one evening two enthralling tales of love, heartbreak and deception as they've never been told before. 

La bohème is a thoroughly modern look at relationships, addiction and co-dependency in London’s hip and happening Peckham. On-off couple Marcello (Marcus) and Musetta (Melissa) navigate the emotional complexities of a polyamorous relationship, whilst flatmate Rodolfo’s (Rod) gratification on Grindr is disrupted when he meets the beautiful and enigmatic Mimi (Luca). 

Tosca is an electrifying tale of love, lies and abuse in present-day Hollywood. Amidst the glitz and glamour of Tinsel Town, an all-powerful producer preys on an actress, seeking to manipulate and distort her relationship with an up-and-coming screenwriter for his own nefarious and troubling purposes.  

Opera Undone: Tosca & La bohème will be directed by Adam Spreadbury-Maher, with musical direction from David Eaton, design by Amanda Mascarenhas and lighting by Nic Farman. 

This production is produced by King’s Head Theatre, Making Productions, RGM Productions and Suzanne Jones in association with DeVere Productions.

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The Future of the King's Head Theatre

25 November 2019

The King’s Head Theatre is on the move - the well-worn, much-loved 110-seat auditorium can no longer contain the artistic ambition of the Theatre. To realise a creatively and financially sustainable future, the company is set to move to a brand new theatre space within Islington Square, neighbouring its current location.

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Full Cast Announced for Coming Clean

12 November 2019

The King’s Head Theatre, Making Productions and RGM Productions are delighted to announce the full cast for the return of Kevin Elyot’s Coming Clean to Trafalgar Studios 2.

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Revivals, Rehearsals and Refreshments

July 22, 2019

Assistant director for Southern Belles Aran talks to us about his experience in the rehearsal room.

This is your first show as a Trainee Resident Director at the King's Head Theatre, how has it been?

It's incredibly exciting that my first production as Trainee Resident Director has been to work on two ground breaking one-act plays by Tennessee Williams.

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Time To Train(as a Trainee Resident Director)

June 24, 2019

I have been on the Trainee Resident Director Scheme for several months now and have already encountered so many great opportunities. Having graduated from Rose Bruford College last year, I wanted to join the King's Head Theatre in order to further my skills as a director.

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What's happening with Brexit?

June 7, 2019

For good or for ill, Brexit will define politics in this country for a generation. Writers of Spitting Image, Yes Minister and The Thick of It could not have imagined a situation where the flagship policy of the ruling party of the day proves so divisive that no one in Parliament can actually agree on what it is.

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What Do You Do? Executive Assistant: Tanya Agarwal

28 June 2019

How long have you been working at the King's Head Theatre? I have been working at the King's Head Theatre for just under 4 months now. What does an Executive Assistant do on a day to day basis? I help Adam and Fiona manage their workload, update the print in the windows...

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Tribute to Philip Osment from Ardent Theatre Company

31 May 2019

Thirty-one years ago, when I was 19, Gay Sweatshop Theatre Company toured Philip
Osment’s This Island’s Mine to my home town of Portsmouth. It was one of those life
changing, career-defining moments. I instantly fell in love with the play and the writer
behind it.

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What Do You Do? - Artistic Director - Adam Spreadbury-Maher

27 May 2019

Our wonderful Artistic Director Adam Spreadbury-Maher gives us an insight into running the King's Head Theatre!

How long have you been working at the King's Head Theatre?

I’ve been here as the Artistic Director since 2010. When I first started, I was Artistic Director of

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9 Week Programme of LGBTQI Theatre Announced

4 July 2018

The King’s Head Theatre today announces the full line-up for its 2019 Queer Season. Established in 2015, the Queer Season is a celebration of the most interesting and innovative LGBTQI+ theatre being created in the UK, and features revivals and transfers alongside world premieres of brand new work.

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