The King’s Head Theatre is always on the look out for exciting, bold, dynamic new companies to forge new creative and producing partnerships with.


Every year I programme numerous projects that are not produced by the King’s Head but rather by ambitious and exciting visiting companies. We have a diverse range of opportunities available; for details of the way I programme the 110 seat theatre and the plethora of potential platforms for your company, please read on…


The team at the King’s Head partner extremely closely with all visiting companies that work here and whilst we are hungry to welcome exciting companies, we don’t think of ourselves as a traditional receiving house. We want to make sure that you get as much as possible out of producing your work at the King’s Head and so will provide as much advice and assistance as possible. Maybe that’s not for you, however I like to think that the experience my team and I have from producing a broad range of work throughout the UK, and prolifically at the King’s Head since 2010, can be of real benefit to your work, and is a good reason to consider us as a your next residency and partner.


Adam – Artistic Director.


Main Show


The Main Show performances at the KH generally take the place Tuesday to Saturday, 7:00pm.


With these performances we hope to give our audiences an opportunity to see something that may never have been seen before in London, or for a long time; we are looking for unique theatrical events, new work and critical revivals. These are our most commercial performance slots. Much of this time is used for work produced by the King’s Head however every year we have several opportunities for visiting companies to produce here for four to six weeks in duration.


Late Night


With the hustle and bustle that continues throughout the evening at the King’s Head Theatre it is the ideal venue to host your late night performance. We are looking for a really broad range of work for this slot that can sustain a run of one to five weeks. If you are interested in having the press attend your work, it is probably best to have a run of several weeks with performances Tuesday to Saturday night.




We programme Sunday and Monday evenings at 7:00pm all year.


King's Head Sessions are ideal for one-off events, showcase performances, new work or companies wanting to take shows into the next stage of development. It is also a good opportunity for revivals of plays that may not otherwise be suitable for Peak programming. Sessions slots are available for visiting companies to use throughout the whole year on a per-performance basis. Longer-running Sessions run alongside Peak programming, thus depending of the length of the Peak season you are in tandem with your show may run for up to six weeks.


If you have a production or an idea that you would like to explore further we are keen to hear from you – drop us an email with on