F*cking Men – Week 2: A week of setting things


SAMMY (the playwright): C’mon in, c’mon in! It’s a broom closet, but it’s sort of roomy.


BRANDON (the actor): It’s fine, I just have to get away from people.


A park, a sauna, a domestic kitchen, a halls of residence, a comfortable bedroom, a posh hotel room, a studio apartment, a backstage space at a dingy theatre, a hotel room, a bedroom. These are the ten locations of Joe Dipietro’s ‘F*cking Men’, a contemporary gay play adapted from the classic play ‘La Ronde’ by Schnitzler. 


Week two on ‘F*cking men’ started with a presentation from our designer Jamie Simmons. Tackling a play that transgresses ten different settings is a challenge and requires a more creative approach then creating one naturalistic set. Jamie and director Geoffrey Hyland have decided upon a way to do this that works within the demands of this production. They have also agreed upon a colour palate for the show that will be reflected in both the set and costumes.


In rehearsals, we started working with the actors on blocking the scenes of the play. Blocking is when all of the onstage movements of the play are choreographed. It requires careful consideration of both the script and the space it is being performed in. The King’s Head stage is set-up in an almost thrust layout that really suits the intimacy of this particular play.


Later in the week we introduced key set pieces to the stage. We worked with the actors to incorporate them into the scenes. The actors have mostly learnt their lines and so we have spent time exploring the different rhythms and paces of the piece. By the end of the week we started to put the scenes together, which meant running them one after the other. It was really exciting seeing the play performed in order from start to end. 


Be sure to look out on social media for some photos from this week’s rehearsals. 

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September 6, 2019

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