F*cking Men – Week 3: A week of pulling things together

August 6, 2015

SAMMY (the playwright): I have a show running now. You should come see it.


RYAN (the porn star): Is it in the West End?


SAMMY (the playwright): Oh god, West End, no, God. It’s fringe. 


Chris Wills, Harper James, Ruben Jones, Euan Brockie, Jonathan McGarrity, Richard De Lisle, Haydn Whiteside, Darren Bransford, Johnathon Neal, Richard Stemp. These are the ten actors that play the ten men of Joe Dipietro’s ‘F*cking Men’, a contemporary gay play adapted from the classic play ‘La Ronde’ by Schnitzler. 


Week 3 on ‘F*cking Men’ started with a slow, stop-start run of the play. This was necessary to work out which actors would be moving which set pieces in the transitions between scenes. The transitions have in themselves become an important part of the performance. All props have now also been introduced and so the actors have been getting use to using these in performance. 


After this, we then ran the play in its entirety without stopping. Some technical issues arose but we were mostly pleased with where we were at, at this stage in the game. Our lighting designer, Nic Farman, joined rehearsals and talked of how he intends to light the show. Director Geoffrey Hyland has added a carefully considered soundtrack that is used to link the scenes together and help with the transitions between them.


The following day was our technical rehearsal where the focus was on getting the technical elements, that make up the production, right. Lighting, sound, props, set and so on are all brought together and rehearsed in the context of the show. 


The next day followed with a dress rehearsal, which was the final rehearsal before the arrival of an audience. It gave everyone involved the opportunity to perform as if there was an audience watching so that any major issues may be ironed out before the first preview.


We had our first preview on Wednesday night. Previews are a very important part of any production. They allow for that all-important final ingredient to be added: the audience. The first time an audience is introduced to a production is very special. Their reactions are vital to the life of the piece and the actors must adjust their performances accordingly. We hope that an audience will enjoy our work; that they will be moved, that they’ll laugh, be titillated and ultimately take something away with them. The wonderful thing about live theatre is that each performance is different. After the first preview both performance and technical adjustments have been made and we are all looking forward to opening night on Friday 7th August.


Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to book tickets to avoid missing out. Come and say hi to us in the bar afterwards. ‘F*cking Men’ runs until August 30th 2015.

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