Why Incident at Vichy

June 15, 2017

'I reread Incident at Vichy in 2015 when I was researching an article on the influence of The Seven Samurai story structure.'


'A plot device that gathers a disperse group of characters together in opposition to a common enemy. As rolling news televised the Trump election rallies, Miller's work seemed to burn with a topicality which demanded a revival.


Can we be made complicit by our own paranoia? Will individual self-preservation always preclude resistance as a group? Does art have any place in chaos or is it our best and only route to understanding? 


The piece denies the reader the easy emotional catharsis, of, say, Willy Loman's funeral or John Proctor ripping up his confession. To appreciate Incident at Vichy you have to really want to hear what it has to say, and now, more than ever, we really do need to hear what it has to say.' 


Director of Incident at Vichy, Phil Wilmott, gives more of his thoughts in our programme for the show which can be purchased from the Theatre Box Office each night for just £3.


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