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August 9, 2017

Tell us a bit about your job at the King’s Head Theatre?

I'm the Office Manager at the theatre which is a broad title for a very broad job. 

Essentially if you're contacting the theatre it is likely that I will be the first person you talk to either you on the phone, by email, on Twitter or Facebook whether its about bookings you may have, plays you may want to put on or about becoming a member. No two days are the same and its not often that you get to be across everything that happens at a theatre.

What’s the best piece of theatre you’ve ever seen?

I saw Alan Bennett's The History Boys at the National Theatre with the original cast. Seeing a play about Sixth Formers struggling to apply for university at the same time I was going through the very same thing was an incredible experience.Likewise I saw James Graham's The Vote at the Donmar Warehouse on Election Day 2015. Having just voted at a Polling Station in a Lambeth Primary School, where the play was also set, was very surreal. Oh and Mydidae at Soho Theatre was a thrilling visceral experience, written by Jack Thorne, starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, sitting in the audience next to Sherlock's Moriarty - Andrew Scott, it's been no surprise to see them all storm the theatre scene recently. Trainspotting Live also has a special place in my heart, as it was a genuinely life changing experience that culminated with me coming back to work at the King's Head Theatre!

The King’s Head Theatre team make lunch for each other every Thursday, what’s your signature dish?

Anything with rice, usually with chilli, peppers and onions in some sort of combination.

In an alternate universe, what would your ideal job be?


I have a strange desire to pilot a Cruise Ship

The King’s Head Theatre has a stupendous ice cream selection… what’s your favourite flavour?


I gave-up, or at least tried to give up, coffee earlier in the year but our Coffee ice-cream got me back on the stuff

Why does theatre matter? 

Speech and gestures predate scribblings on walls, books and computers and that is essentially what theatre is in its purist form. Shakespeare used theatre to simultaneously communicate his ideas to Queens and paupers alike and I think that out of all the arts it is theatre which is the most universal.


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