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August 15, 2017



Tell us a bit about your job at the King’s Head Theatre?


As Theatre Operations Coordinator, I work closely with the Theatre Manager, Production Manager, and Office Manager as an essential part of both the Technical and Box Office teams. Most of my time is spent working evening and weekend shifts ensuring that shows run smoothly and our patrons are happy and safe! My responsibilities often also extend to include running technical rehearsals and get-ins for off-peak shows and making sure that visiting companies enjoy their time here.

What’s the best piece of theatre you’ve ever seen?


One of my all-time favourites was Stefan Golaszewski Speaks About A Girl He Once Loved which I saw both at the Fringe in 2008 and at the Bush Theatre later. It was an autobiographical monologue about being 18 and meeting a girl and having his heart broken. It left me feeling so overwhelmed with emotion that I was unable to talk for a while after leaving the theatre - and almost a decade later I still regularly remember bits of the performance.

The King’s Head Theatre team make lunch for each other every Thursday, what’s your signature dish?


It's been three months since I became a full-time member of the King's Head team and I've been fortunate enough to not make a team lunch yet(!) Lots of pressure for my debut later this month but I'll probably try to keep things simple with something like a pasta bake or curry - I do love a daal!

In an alternate universe, what would your ideal job be?


Prime Minister - or a politician, at least! I'm incredibly passionate and engaged in politics and actually stood for election back when I was 19! It was quite fun voting for myself in my very first election. I didn't win but I did get over seven thousand votes…

The King’s Head Theatre has a stupendous ice cream selection… what’s your favourite flavour?


As the King's Head's resident awkward vegan, I can only eat the sorbet. I can never decide whether our creamy mango or sharp lemon is tastier - but they're both great!

Why does theatre matter?


For me, theatre occupies a unique space - offering a powerful yet transient form of storytelling. The live nature of performance makes it particularly compelling - yet once it is over, it is gone forever! The transitory nature of theatre makes it very of-the-moment, particularly in Fringe theatre where theatre makers are able to be more reactive and relevant.

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