For Pete's Sake

August 22, 2017


Tell us a bit about your job at the King’s Head Theatre?


I'm the Production Manager at the King's Head Theatre, which means that I'm in charge of managing every stage of our in house produced shows. I work closely with the Director, Designer, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer and Stage Management to try to realise all the great ideas and plans they have. Finding out ways to do things that might seem impossible to portray on the stage, making sure everything is delivered and working on time, and making sure it all comes in on budget are 3 of the main areas of my job. I also work with visiting companies to make sure they can successfully achieve their goals in our venue.


What’s the best piece of theatre you’ve ever seen?


Matilda the Musical - I adored the way that every part of the production is designed to compliment the telling of the story.


The King’s Head Theatre team make lunch for each other every Thursday, what’s your signature dish?


I absolutely love cooking, I find it really therapeutic, so I always love it when my turn to cook team lunch comes round! Past favourites include Lamb Tagine, Pulled Pork Sliders and Butternut Squash Thai Red Curry...


In an alternate universe, what would your ideal job be?


Chef maybe? Or property development - I love the idea of taking decrepit old shells of buildings and turning them into amazing new houses.


The King’s Head Theatre has a stupendous ice cream selection… what’s your favourite flavour?


Caramel & Hazelnut for me


Why does theatre matter?


If you strip away all the extra stuff, the lights, the sound, the set, costume and props, then theatre is all about story telling. And stories are important - there's something primal about imagining and sharing stories, right back from when cavemen would've told tales around a campfire. Using live theatre to tell these stories helps develop creativity and helps us to understand our place in the world that bit better. Good theatre should make you laugh and cry, stir up feelings inside of anger, injustice, fear, confusion and happiness. As a live medium it makes the audience member an active part of what is going on; you might be able to sit at home in your underwear watching a film, pausing it several times throughout and going back over anything you missed, but in theatre the audience have as much of a responsibility to engage with the performers and the story as the performers do with the audience. It's a shared experience and no audience members experience is ever the same.

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