Stewart-ing the Theatre

January 19, 2018


Tell us a bit about your job at the King’s Head Theatre?


I am a trainee Theatre Assistant at King's Head Theatre. My role consists of me working closely with the Theatre Manager to help run and maintain the venue from all technical aspects. I also help out with the front of house and visiting companies. Some of the main things my job entails is; duty tech-ing, helping with get-ins and get-outs, working at height, patching, plotting and editing lighting files and many more.


What’s the best piece of theatre you’ve ever seen?


My all time favourite would have to be Matilda, I have watched it twice now and both times was so amazed by it. It’s one of those productions that it doesn’t  matter how many times you see it, you’ll always be blown away by it. From the staging, lighting, and sound is just phenomenal. On a smaller scale, recently I watched the Frantic Assembly and The State Theatre Company production of Things I know to be true.


In an alternate universe, what would your ideal job be?


Probably a Drama Therapist, that’s an area I’ve always been intrigued by during my studies. Drama/Theatre is quite therapeutic within itself, and has always been for me anyways, as it’s a great way for an expressionism. Especially those who find it difficult to express their emotions. I love the fact that drama therapy is active and experiential which in ways allows the context for participants to tell their stories, set goals and solve problems, express feelings, Through the use of drama.


The King’s Head Theatre has a stupendous ice cream selection… what’s your favourite flavour?


Hmm I’d have to say Caramel and Hazelnut!


Why does theatre matter?


I find theatre to be very important, the fact that it can reach out to such a wide range of people is quite powerful. Also, it’s amazing how much it has evolved over the years from a technical and creative scale. Theatre matters because it’s a time where you can fully immerse yourself for up to 2 hours and not having to worry about your busy lives and just being able to engage into something phenomenal. It can evoke different emotions and one of the beauties of it is,  whether you go alone or with a group of people everyone’s experience is different, as theatre has an added feeling of live-ness and shared experience.


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