Ode to a TRD

March 7, 2018

It was March 2017 when I begun at KHT,
Shiv James-Elliott..or maybe Elliot-James beginning with me,

We were told to be professional and not drink the night before,

“You’re no longer at uni” we were told, incase we weren’t sure


First problem arose: do I tread the boards in hot pants at the Edinburgh Fringe?

Or join Loot as AD and have a boozy binge?

The option was obvious, directing was for me.

No more Maggie Thatcher, but reading Orton with glee


I discovered the joy of something called a PS Swap

An incredible thing to do which I enjoyed ALOT

At no point did I whine or become real diva

But enjoyed PS Swapping as much as a fever


Roll on Holy Crap! and all that musical mayhem

The MT gang accepted me and I was one of them

I sang tunes in my head everyday for weeks

I even found anal beads as a prop for the piece


I joined Mike Fentiman on a small show called Loot

Did you hear of Billington’s 5 stars? Yeah, it was pretty good

At first quite scary with all those talented folk

But it was grand experience and I was able to cope


I even went to Newbury to see The Watermill

A quaint little place that was the real deal

In amongst the geese we redid the show

I noted everything and gave it a real go


Then into the office back on Upper Street

A chance to get my shoes off and release my feet

Fiona’s desk was a resting place for most of my things.

Oscar and I certainly enjoyed having a good old sing


In amongst this we’d all begun to run

Apparently it was all in the name of bonding and having fun

A 10k first, then a half and then a full!

KHT Running Club is super damn cool!


What a year I’ve had at this wonderful place

It’s always put a smile all across my face

Thank you to everyone for being so brill

But don’t worry, I’ll be hanging around for some time still


Best of luck with the move to your new home

If you need me I’m always on the end of the phone

The Kings Head has been life changing for me, your oldest TRD,

Much love to you all, from me, JCB



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