King ('s Head) Richard

April 13, 2018

Tell us a bit about your job at the King’s Head Theatre?

I’m the Assistant Theatre Manager at the KHT which is a part-time role mainly involved in the technical aspects of how the theatre runs. There are over 100 different productions each year so it’s run like an all-year-round Fringe Festival with daily turn-arounds and lots of different companies sharing the space. It’s a very exciting vibrant venue to work in and I love the constant stimulus and high energy this generates.

What’s the best piece of theatre you’ve ever seen?

Le Reve in Las Vegas which combines so many theatrical elements and is so well performed by many aqua ex-Olympians that it left me choked! In general though I much prefer clever creative fringe productions to big budget West End shows. The West End has become so much of a machine with many performers just going through the same motions on a daily basis. Fringe Theatre is so full of passion with the entire team, both backstage and on-stage, projecting that this is the most important thing in their life, for just those few weeks. Then typically it’s all over.

In an alternate universe, what would your ideal job be?

I’d like to be a commercially successful Producer of theatrical productions. In recent years I’ve moved into producing but it’s so difficult to not lose money in Fringe Theatre. I’d like to find a way to do this full-time without going bankrupt in the process. I feel like Producing is akin to addictive gambling. You’re forever hoping for that big hit that will sell out tickets. It’s very challenging with a limited budget to balance paying the cast, buying the Set and technology, hiring the venues and having enough in the pot to market the show. Without the marketing the best show in the World will be over-looked. Anyway, I seem to have digressed and rambled – the short answer would be that I’d like to be a Producer who doesn’t lose money on productions!

The King’s Head Theatre has a stupendous ice cream selection… what’s your favourite flavour?

That’s a really tricky question! I’m working my way through all the flavours....I’ve tried to spread out when I use my staff discount on an ice cream but it’s hard to say no. All the flavours I’ve tried so far have been amazing. Probably the Salted Caramel (apologies to the Stem Ginger – you’re lovely too!)

Why does theatre matter?

To me, Theatre is a way of sharing a story. Whether that story is a political thriller, or exposes an atrocity, or showcases talent, comedy, or just a piece of entertainment for fun it’s always a shared experience that can move our emotions. It’s great to sit with your friends and laugh, cry, be amazed, be impressed, be thrilled, be persuaded, be horrified or be educated – it’s always wonderful! Sometimes it’s good to sit in your own World and let their story carry you away for a couple of hours. It’s one of the finest things human beings can do for one another is to communicate something they feel is really important to an audience who might otherwise not know or consider the message within the production. Story telling is one of the 1st things we do with young children to educate and entertain and theatre is a more sophisticated way of doing this. I love good theatre as it usually comes from the heart and mind of the Production Company and allows a creative way to share a message with friends, family and strangers










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