Designing Sex with Robots

May 11, 2018



Though we are exploring several different stories in ‘Sex with Robots’ we were keen for the design to embody all of them in one without having to transform or drastically change the space for each one. We also wanted to make sure the space was routed in something domestic and recognisable, and fundamentally human rather than have a mega futuristic feel. 

Our set consists of a layered floor and ceiling piece, with different areas of flooring and hanging lights, as if each story is happening in the same flat or building over a space of time. Underneath the floor you can just about glimpse a layer of rubbish and old technology and other objects, that have been gathering up over time. Using different lighting states and sound and some simple set tricks we will glide from story to story.

Now that rehearsals have started and the set is being built we are collecting various bits of floor and set dressing items, so we can really make the world feel complete when we move into the theatre in two weeks time.

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