For Reasons That Remain Alex Jackson

July 12, 2018


When you become a Trainee Resident Director at the King’s Head Theatre, you know you’re going to experience a wide range of genres and styles of theatre. From Pantomime to Opera, and most things inbetween, the theatre are known for their commitment to the future of the fringe and LGBTQ+ work.


I was really excited when I found out my first Assistant Directorship would be on For Reasons that Remain Unclear. I first read the play just after I started at the KHT team’s creative lunch where scripts are given to the whole staff team to read and feed back on. It hit me how resonant the play is to today’s society even though it’s over 20 years old, and the explosive climax was of the special sort that will divide audiences and stun even the most regular theatre goers.


Not only is the play great, but I’ve also been lucky enough to work with Jessica Lazar, Director of For Reasons That Remain Unclear  and Artistic Director of the King’s Head’s Associate Company Atticist. I’d already met Jess when she came to lead one of our weekly Skills Session on the Trainee Resident Director’s programme, so I knew that Jess would be incredibly generous as a director, and allow me to ask questions, and get stuck into the process in such deep way.


Then it came to casting the show. Working with an amazing casting director, we held auditions over three days and saw so many amazing actors that it was very hard to choose which we felt would do the job best. Our cast have been a total pleasure to work with giving their whole selves and throwing themselves into the play in ways we could only have hoped for. Their hard work, intelligence, diligence and commitment has contributed so much to the resulting production in many ways. It feels rare that a rehearsal room has been so productive, sensitive and energetic. I hope that audiences get a full and nuanced experience as a result of our hard work.


As I write this, we’re just starting to rehearse the second half of the play that contains the climax and several big surprises along the way. There’s many things about the play that make it interesting for audiences, being predictable isn’t one of them. It keep us guessing on the edge of our seats until the last line.


We’re looking forward to completing rehearsals, getting into the theatre and bringing the amazing set, lighting and sound designs together to make the production really shine. With a top-class production team behind the scenes, I’ve no doubt audiences will feel the production values are effective having been so carefully thought-out and planned.


A big thanks to Jess and the whole Reasons/KHT team for being so supportive of me in assisting on the show. I can’t wait to show audiences the finished product on opening night.


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