Shoes, glorious shoes!

February 18, 2019

Lady Montashoe herself gives us an insight into the Timpson rehearsal room!




I'm Rachael Chomer, I play Lady Montashoe in Timpson: The Musical. I'm here to tell you a bit about the show, its origins and the journey it has had, all the way to its successful award-winning run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and preparations for its London run and UK Tour. It was a culmination of a brilliant idea, talented writers and a lot of shoes and keys... 

The humour of Timpson: The Musical in a nutshell is Monty Python meets Showstoppers, tongue and cheek gags and lots of laughs! It’s the tale of two warring shops, the Montashoes and the Keypulets (you can see where I'm going with this...), both shop owners have children who fall in love and bond over a passion for inventing. 

It's the first day of rehearsals for Timpson: The Musical, and I'm writing this on my train home from a very productive and fun day. It consisted of being introduced to three new cast members, some ice breaker exercises and learning new material for the show as well as recapping the ensemble numbers. 

The show was originally written by four Warwick University students. They sent the script to James Timpson, the Chief Executive of Timpson, who agreed to sponsor the project, and we have been very heavily supported by the Timpson family ever since. This includes the donation of many burgundy Timpson aprons (which the shop staff wear, and we wore on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh to promote the show), refreshments at our first preview in Stockport and our travel costs, expenses, and accommodation. 

Last June, rehearsals took place in a studio at the University of Warwick, as the vast majority of the cast and crew (including the lighting designer, set designer, writers and cast members) attended the Warwick University. We previewed the show at The Other Palace, London in June, after which a few songs were amended for the Edinburgh run. 

Our month long Edinburgh run was a stamina building whirlwind, an incredibly intense period, and without tooting our own horn, a great success. Everybody involved spent 4 hours each day handing out flyers to the public to increase ticket sales and we even performed on the street to create a bigger buzz around the show. We received rave reviews from the 'BBC' “Bonkers but Brilliant!”, * and were voted one of 'The Guardian's' Pick of The Fringe as well as achieving a **** review from 'The Stage'. The run ended with the cast being presented with an award from 'The Stage' for Acting excellence. 

London rehearsals have consisted of learning a new upbeat and jazzy opening song and restaging most scenes and numbers to freshen them up, as well as teaching the new cast members the show. Our costumes have had a revamp and we have added more choreography to the show.

In short, it's still as camp and bonkers as it always was, with a refreshing revamp. There really is something in it for everyone.  

We’re also touring the fringe circuit this year at Birmingham and Brighton as well as multiple Timpson Conferences over the UK.

Catch us in London at the King’s Head Theatre, Islington from 18th February - 9th March. And find out why Victorian London really is a 'Hell of a Place'. 



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