From our King Bed to the King’s Head (Theatre)

May 17, 2019



Robbie and I decided to pack up our lives and move across to the Queen's Country in May of 2016. After a brief stint in Putney, we settled in a converted warehouse in the North London nest of Manor House. We spent a year there living with 10 other people in what can only be described as ‘the most hilarious year of our lives’.


After a year, we moved out and began reflecting on the experiences of the past year. Collating our stories and writing down our shared experiences was something that just started happening organically and soon enough, we had something that we wanted to workshop.


After hugely successful seasons across Edinburgh, Melbourne, Adelaide and Queensland, here we are now touring the UK and about to open at the King’s Head Theatre. 


So, working with your partner. Seems great on paper right?


Look, there are a lot of overwhelming positives. For example, you don’t have a knock off time and can work from the moment you wake up right up until 11.30pm and four episodes of Law and Order SVU on in the background later. You can work without the burden of having a ‘filter’ because the person you are writing with is someone that you need not worry about offending because you know them so well.


Looking back on the experience, we just followed it instinctively and allowed the product to shape itself along the way. This is our first collaboration together and our debut at writing and performing. To have a supportive warm body that you can turn to at any point that has been there for every hiccup and handstand is really special thing.


We are so proud to be back where our story originated sharing our hilarious tale with UK audiences. 

The Worst Little Warehouse opens on Tuesday 21 May.



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