What Do You Do? Oscar French - Marketing and Programme Manager

August 2, 2019

Our brilliant Marketing and Programme Manager Oscar French talks about what his job entails!


How long have you been working at the King's Head Theatre and what is your job title?


Since the dawn of time. Otherwise known as March 2015. My job title is currently Marketing and Programme Manager. 


What does a Marketing and Programme Manager do on a day to day basis?


It's an incredibly varied role so no two days look the same. A typical day might begin with our weekly sales and marketing meeting followed by getting sign-off on a programme or press release, talking my wonderful Marketing Assistant through this week's e-newsletter, having a contract meeting with a producer for a forthcoming late night production before heading off to a studio to art direct a cast photoshoot for our next opera. I might then head over to one of London's many excellent fringe venues to see potential transfer work. 


Why did you decide to apply for a job at the King's Head Theatre? 


I think there's something wonderfully romantic about pub theatres. I first came to the King's Head Theatre back in 2010 and immediately fell in love with its threadbare glamour and sense of history. When looking to move to London from Birmingham in 2015, taking a Front of House job at the venue was a no brainer. Four years and five job titles later I haven't looked back.


What is your favourite part of the job?


The cold hard numbers man in me loves hitting a sales target and the creative free spirit loves designing a beautiful poster. Working alongside the fiendishly brilliant staff team is the greatest privilege in the world. 


What is one thing that you have learnt from your role?


Theatre is inherently collaborative; embrace it rather than fighting it. Accept when things are beyond your control. Ask for help when you need it. A small change can have a huge impact. Don't be a **** 


What has been your favourite show so far from your time at the King's Head Theatre?


Shock Treatment (the sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show) still holds a special place in my heart; audiences from all over the world flew to London and would turn up in full costume for 'midnight matinees.' It felt like we were making theatrical history. I've also loved Fat Rascal's gender swapped parody of Beauty & the Beast, Tommy Murphy's Strangers in Between, our Olivier Award nominated take on La bohème. I think our current show, Tennessee Williams double-bill, Southern Belles, is also really special. 


And finally, have you tried all 11 flavours of ice cream that the King's Head Theatre sells?


There is no way you'll get me to try mint flavour ice cream - it tastes of toothpaste - but I've tried most of the others. I'm particularly partial to stem ginger, coffee and strawberry. 



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