Falling In Love Again

14 January - 8 February 2020

'A tantalising romantic fantasy...deliciously entertaining and timely...witty and wise...box office gold' Camden New Journal 

★★★★ 'Very believable...both Ashton and Ramona are really great in their roles... extremely sensual...an impressive take on a turbulent period in history...still feels very relevant' London Theatre 1

★★★★ ‘This story hits home...There is a feeling that you are in the room with Marlene and Edward...I encourage you to go along to the King’s Head Theatre and be that fly-on-the-wall!’ North West End

‘A charming trip down memory lane and an entertaining way to keep today's royal 'scandal' in perspective' London Living Large

'Some delightfully fantastical moments...if you enjoyed The Crown, Falling In Love Again offers an intriguing perspective on the abdication crisis, full of illuminating detail and insights into royal life that continue to be relevant today' British Theatre

★★★★ 'Fascinating...original...closely observed...cleverly drawn' The Review Chap

★★★★ 'An understated passion from both the writing and the acting' Plays To See

‘... an elaborate dance of seduction and demur..  This charming evening does beguile with its provocative 'what if?' Jewish Renaissance

‘... We thoroughly enjoyed this show.  It is both funny and sad, but ultimately uplifting...’ The Horror Hothouse