12 February - 7 March 2020

★★★★ ‘The writing is smart and topical, while the acting is absolutely first-rate... A play with its finger firmly on the pulseGay Times

★★★★★ ‘The energy on the stage between the two actors is just breathtaking... Spine-tinglingly good theatreBoyz Magazine

★★★★★ ‘Rikki Beadle-Blairs terrific direction provides forensic clarity to each scene and a cracking momentum to an extraordinary new playQueer Guru

★★★★★ ‘Tom Wright has created two really interesting characters and given them both really powerful, life-changing backstories. A brilliant piece of writingLondon Theatre 1

★★★★★ ‘Packs all the punches... The chemistry between the two leads is astoundingFairy Powered Productions

★★★★ 'Romance, intimacy and identity cook from the inside out in Tom Wright’s well-written comedy about our baggage in the bedroom...utterly enthralling' The Spy in the Stalls

★★★★ ‘It gracefully handles the interplay between personal experience and societal shockwaves, giving potentially uncomfortable topics the time and conversation that they deserveA Younger Theatre

★★★★ 'Beadle-Blair’s direction is complemented by the beautiful impulsivity of the actors, who work with fantastic chemistry together' Pocket Sized Theatre

NOMINATED for 3 Off West End Awards - Performance Ensemble, Best Director, Best Lighting Design